Pure Magic Productions


Ops in a Box Legal Edition

Produced and Written by

Production Design by
NICOLE RESTIFO, Restifo Graphics

Magic Effect by
BEN ROBINSON, Illusion Genius

Road Manager

Accounting Services by
ROBERT TAYLOR, Taylor & Lord Associates

MICHAEL H. TROTTER, aka Dad, whose vision for a reinvigorated law profession inspired me to pursue this role.

And, last but not least, THANK YOU to my many longstanding legal operations colleagues and lawyer allies for your continued example, advice and counsel.


AN TROTTER (Producer / Writer) Since 2007 An has pioneered an operations role in legal departments at three Fortune 500-sized companies ranging from 8-14 billion in annual revenues. She was inspired to enter the field by her father, managing partner at several firms, who argued convincingly that the legal industry would be transformed in the 21st century by corporate legal departments’ increasing leverage and appointment of operations professionals.

GABRIELLE GEWIRTZ (Production Designer) is a design veteran with more than 30 years of experience servicing clients in every category: fashion to pharma, CPG to OTC to F&B, beauty to manufacturing, retail, automotive, events and more. Working in print, photography, fine art, painting, pottery, CAD, video, and production, Gabrielle’s background touches on every aspect of design development – offering a unique and holistic insight into the process.

NICOLE RESTIFO (Production Designer) is an industry veteran with over 30 years production experience who sets the bar high because she is passionate and committed to design integrity. She has partnered with agencies, design boutiques, in-house shops and entrepreneurs, to bring their vision to life. She advises on file prep to help you get the result you want from your final printed piece - on time and on budget.

BEN ROBINSON (Master Magician) has performed 9 different one-man shows (currently Truth & Illusion), seen in 20 countries (3-million people entertained) since 1974. He credits his success to one thing: creating wonder. He’s received awards from The Int’l Brotherhood of Magicians, The Soc. of American Magicians and the Milbourne Christopher Fdtn. After 9/11 the NYPD gave him an Honorary Shield for his relief efforts. The New York Times has written: “Ben Robinson delighted the audience. He is an internationally acclaimed Master Magician.”