Ops in a Box - Legal Edition
Ops in a Box - Legal Edition
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Ops in a Box - Legal Edition

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Ops in a Box, Legal Edition is a magical kit to help jump start legal operations in the law department and law firm markets. It is the first essential tool kit for Legal Ops Professionals seeking to launch their strategic plan, for seasoned operations teams seeking to fine tune existing tools and for small departments that need operations help aids but do not have the budget for a full-time operations professional.

Our kit includes:

A flash drive with over 30 AMAZING & USEFUL templates:

  1. Legal Operations Overview
    a. Timeline 1960s – 2020
    b. Group Organization Chart
    c. Job Descriptions for: – Operations Director, Legal – Operations Manager, Procurement – Operations Manager, Projects
  2. Strategic Planning
    a. Strategic Plan Presentation Template
    b. Operations Launch Check List
  3. Financial Management
    a. Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) Types
    b. Budget, Reconciliation and Reclass Template
    c. Guide to Month-end Reconciliation and Budget Estimate Update Processes
    d. Matter Budgets Best Practices Deck
    e. Matter Budget Template
    f. Matter Budget Reports Template
  4. Human Resources Management
    a. On & Off Boarding Checklists
    b. Onboarding Process Map
    c. Welcome Email Template
  5. Vendor Management
    a. Dashboard & Metrics Mock-up
    b. Legal Billing Policy
    c. Rate Review Guidelines
    d. Terms of Engagement
    e. Vendor Scorecard Evaluation
    f. Model RFP for Outside Counsel Matter/Project – RFP Document – RFP Evaluation Deck
  6. Technology Management
    a. Tools List
    b. Model RFP for Technology Vendors
    c. RFP Capability Area Worksheet
    d. RFP Scoring
  7. Project and Change Management
    a. Time and Task Tracking List
    b. Project Management Framework
    c. Gantt Chart
  8. Magic
    a. Flash Drive
    b. Magic Wand
    c. Sponge Ball
    d. Magic Ball Production Instructions


    • Legal Operations Overview
    • Strategic Planning
    • Financial management
    • Human Resources
    • Vendor Management
    • Technology Management
    • Project and Change Management
    • and Magic

    When you purchase the Ops in a Box - Legal Edition hard copy, we will also provide with a digital version of the kit to get you started!