What's Inside Ops in a Box, Legal Edition - A Magical Kit (Unboxing the Kit)

Our #1 question received is “What’s Inside Ops in a Box, Legal Edition?”

Join me to open a magical kit and take a look here.

After removing the shrink wrap, lift the front flaps to reveal the contents inside.

On top you have a mini kit with the magic wand and ball,  as well as this flash drive that contains all of the content you see in the table of contents.

The wand is also an eco-friendly straw that you can use, but it is intended primarily for the magical effect you’ll find inside the box.  The ball is going to be a little squanched when you receive it. You can put it in some water and let it dry and it will regain its full shape. And then the flash drive that has all the contents listed inside the table of contents.

The printed contents come with a protector on top. For the printed contents for the table of contents sections 1-8 we’ve printed one item from each section on durable coated card stock. The printed contents include:

  1. Full table of contents of what is on the flash drive.
  2. Dashboard guidance, including your day-to-day dashboard and your full dashboard for the CLO.
  3. Brief history of legal operations. We have a nice video of that online, as well as the full timeline and history.
  4. Operations launch checklist handy to jump start your plan whether it’s brand new, a refresh or for new leadership.
  5. Alternative fee arrangements chart, which comes in handy when negotiating with law firms.
  6. A multi-page onboarding checklist to make sure your legal professionals are onboarded smoothly and successfully to your company.
  7. Summary and checklist of a project management framework. And last, but certainly not least -
  8. Magic ball production instructions, an effect that you can do to illustrate your ops magician status in meetings or presentations.

The box is an attractive storage container for all of your items. And, again, on the flash drive you have the full et of contents listed in the table of contents so you can access the information electronically both in PDF and in many cases native format so you can add your own company branding.  In addition, on placing your order by creating a profile you gain immediate access to a full digital copy as well as to bonus materials.

There you have it!  I hope enjoy seeing what’s inside Ops in a Box, Legal Edition - A Magical Kit.  I’ll see you inside.