What are your goals for 2023?

For 2023 the HEARST Ops Squad is launching our new two-year plan, five years after our legal department launched its legal operations function.  Leading the charge is our newest team member Elizabeth Gutay, Sr. Operations Manager. We are following the Ops in a Box, Legal Edition strategic planning playbook. 

Virtually every department team member has been interviewed one-on-one. Feedback was consolidated into a survey to determine priorities. Elizabeth presented results and recommendation to the leadership team and scored an A+!

Our Ops deck roughly follows the  Ops in a Box, Legal Edition  template format with the mission statement (augmented with our identity and key capability statements), a summary of findings, opportunities and next steps.  In the kit, the presentation template recommends grouping responses by category. 

Elizabeth adopted a broader "themes" approach that worked quite well. For each theme slide she bucketed ideas in 3 categories: Scheduled projects by quarter for the current year, backlog and "just do it" ideas that (theoretically) should not require a structured project to achieve.  The format provoked thoughtful conversation on priorities underscored by being laid out on a timeline.

Clients: An update to the strategic planning deck template is available NOW in your digital kit kit!


Ops in a Box, Legal Edition is a magical grab-and-go kit for key legal ops assignments related to strategic planning, financial management, human resources starts and departures, vendor management, technology management, and project & change management. With an OBL template in hand, you can get a draft document done on day one and meet those tight deadlines!

To focus on the future, you first have to be able to manage your work portfolio. This is where Ops in a Box, Legal Edition  comes in.  Let me know how OBL can help!

Best wishes for success in all that you do for 2023!