Thoughts on CLOC Global Institute 2024

There have been so many thoughtful recaps, this late-to-the-party post-COVID post feels a bit redundant out of the gate. That said, I am deeply impressed by the dedication and care that shaped this event's planning . Both newcomers and seasoned professionals found fresh ideas, made new connections, and strengthened existing ones, reaffirming our commitment to innovation at #CGI24.

For me the top 5 take-aways are:

🏇 Leading change is challenging and remains so regardless of experience. Embracing positivity, curiosity, and open-ended questions can persuade others. If resistance occurs, view it as information feedback for your strategy.

🎶 Active listening and empathy are crucial for solid client relationships. Our mantra, "One Team, One Dream," emphasizes the importance of breaking down barriers and promoting open communication for a unified and effective team.

🤖 Unlike previous legal technologies, the rapid evolution of GenAI
demands immediate engagement to accelerate our learning curve. A "wait and see" approach is no longer viable.

🏂 In an ever-evolving environment, agility and adaptability are more important than efficiency. Legal departments must have a clear strategy that align with the broader company vision and leverage their unique strengths. Legal plays a pivotal role in every company facet; hence the opportunity for #Legalops 3.0.

💡 Data-driven decision-making is key for insight and innovation. A data-centric approach positions legal as a strategic business area. At CGI24, CLOC LDI joined the initiative in efforts to standardize and enhance metrics for Legal Ops.

For those who attended the Legal Ops 101 workshop, the CLOC EAC is developing Legal Ops 201. We welcome your suggestions on topics, formats, or other ideas for the 201 curriculum.