Wishing You A Magical Thanksgiving 2022

Best known as the founder of the American Museum of Magic in Marshall Michigan, Robert (Bob) Lund for over 30 years was a writer and editor for the Hearst publications MOTOR Magazine and Popular Mechanics.  Legend has it that as Lund approached retirement W.R. Hearst Jr. called Lund into his office to thank him for his service.

"Bob, you've worked for me for a good long time.  You've always turned in your column on time and we've never had to change a word.  What is your dream?" he asked.

Lund was astonished. He realized providence was staring him the face, but he was afraid to ask for what he really wanted: A museum.

When Bob Lund explained to Hearst that he had accumulated one of the largest collections of magic ephemera extant, Hearst smiled. His father was a prodigious collector himself.

"Bob, you've got your museum," he replied.  "I now understand your attention to detail.  Consider it done." 

The American Museum of Magic opened in the spring of 1978.  Hearst endowed a fund to support the museum in tribute of Bob and Elaine Lund's lifelong passion.

This Thanksgiving I'm grateful to work with an employer that supports its employees, with colleagues both in Hearst and in the legal ops community and beyond, who treat each other with kindness and respect, and for family and friends. 

Wishing you a MAGICAL Thanksgiving and winter holidays!

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Photo Courtesy: The American Museum of Magic, Marshall, MI