THANK YOU to Many People who Helped my Legal Ops Start!

Let's not have this week end without a shout out to a few of the many people who were a big help to me in my first Legal Ops Director role in 2008.  First, I would like to thank Mark Morril and Mike Fricklas, who took a flier to hire me at Viacom, Carol Buckner who placed me, and Paul Bellows, who introduced me to Carol. I'd also like to thank Kevin Clem who showed me the ropes, in particular with respect to RFPs and implementations, matter management systems and matter budgets; Vandana Dhamija who took me under her wing to teach me the finer points of legal billing and introduce me to corporate financial reporting cadence, and Susan Hackett who invited me into the ACC Large Law Department group that was predecessor to the Legal Ops section. I'd also like to thank Jeff Isaacs and Mike Caplan who invited me into the NYC legal ops group, and gave me sound advice, as well as the ALA Folks: Nancy Beaulieu, who suggested I join, Paul Roy and Francine Lahm, who headed up the ALA NYC chapter Corporate group and welcomed me, and Janet Fraka Casiano and Bronya Vygodskaya who put me through my paces making sure I was ready to pass the Certified Legal Manager (CLM) exam. Legal Ops is a great career because of the cadre of great colleagues.  Thank YOU!