Tap into the Legal Ops Hive Mind

Headed to CLOC CGI 2024 in Vegas May 6-9? So am I!  A legal ops hive mind 1,500+ strong anticipated. 
When I started in Legal Ops my early success was due to the generosity of those who came before me.  From the ALA NYC Education Committee that coached me through the Certified Legal Manager (CLM) exam, to the ACC Legal Ops roundtable, and local NYC gatherings, I listened, took what I heard, and applied it in real time at work.  At the time, the universe of legal ops documented material out there was pretty limited. Most of what I got came directly from the mind of a legal ops pioneer or their personal notes.
Fast forward 15+ years and its a different story. CLOC CGI is great fun. It's also like drinking from a firehose. And the professional associations available have multiplied. In addition, to ALA, ACC and CLOC, you have BLC, TVPi, LegalOps.com, SOLID/Cowen Cafe, Legal Operators, LINKUP and more.  All offer rich information sources, but it's a lot to comb through.  
In 2017 I was on the faculty of a Legal Operations Boot Camp, participants surveyed afterwards asked for an "easy button." Soon thereafter as I was packing up from my 2nd job instituting a legal ops function and headed to my 3rd I had an "aha" moment. I was not starting from scratch. I was taking everything I had learned, consolidated and refined with me to jump start legal operations for a 3rd company. 
Out of this realization I produced Ops in a Box, Legal Edition, a magical kit (see opsinaboxlegal.com). It is a grab-and-go tool box for legal ops professionals seeking to get the job done and won.  On placing an order, clients can instantaneously access their Digital Copy of Ops in a Box, Legal Edition, with 30 templates, digital-download only manual and 23 videos for supplemental guidance.  
With this core toolbox in hand, over-committed professionals can gain a little traction on their to do list and breathing room to explore the full range of resources our ecosystem supports including robust professional associations, supportive legal service providers and innovative technology developers.  
This past year, I was invited to join the CLOC Education Advisory Council and I couldn't be more excited for what's coming.  From a fantastic CGI24 lineup, including a pre-conference jam-packed Foundation of Legal Ops Workshop, to a coming-soon LegalOps Bootcamp 201 and partnerships with academic institutions, there is so much more to come. No one has all the answers, but we each have part of the answer within us. It's a hive mind learning, sharing and adapting to the evolving legal context.  
Please note any Ops in a Box, Legal Edition orders placed during the week of May 6th will be filled by early the following week.  Ask me at CLOC CGI24 for a special discount code good through the end of May 2024.