Strategic Planning, Part 1: Learn the Lay of the Land

This week’s topic is STRATEGIC PLANNING. While we will primarily speak to the topic in context of an Operations Launch Check List, many of the actions are equally valuable for an annual refresh, or for aligning with new leadership. 

List item #1 is "Learn the Lay of Land.”  Review key documentation such as the org charge, legacy tool contracts, project charters or RFPs, and spend reports.   Engage in Stakeholder conversations. Reach out and introduce yourself to key partners in finance, technology, ops and HR. Inventory low hanging fruit opportunities. Identify best practices to scale.  Survey the full department to prioritize findings. Find a "Quick Win" project to build trust and inspire.

Have a tip on "how to" (including  how to avoid mis-steps) or a launch story to share? Please add your comment to the thread in Twitter or LinkedIn.  Need a step-by-step checklist?  See Ops in a Box, Legal Edition.