Pursue Reputable Certifications

Recently, I had the pleasure of serving on a panel for the ACC Project, Process and Knowledge Management Interest Group with my colleagues Dan Young and Aaron Mutnick on the the topic of professional certifications.

I am a current  ALA Certified Legal Manager and a former Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt. Both certifications have definitely made me more market competitive. Certifications help demonstrate industry commitment and knowledge and a continuous learning mindset, which is a good indicator of adaptability, resilience to change, being a self-starter and proactive in seeking out solutions..  As a hiring manager, I look for certifications to confirm a person’s training and vocabulary.

If you are considering certification, I have 2 recommendations:

  1. Many certifications have an experience requirement and can only be pursued while you are in a relevant job. If that’s the case, don’t pass up the opportunity. 
  2. Look for a reputable provider. Ask references who have the certification as well as a hiring manager or two or mentor in the relevant field.

Buying Legal Council announces this week the industry’s first certification in fundamentals of legal procurement, an effort ably steered by  Jessica Williams partnering with Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, CEO. A three-month program with three knowledge checks. culminating in a final test. Participants with a score of 80% or better receive their Certificate in Legal Procurement Fundamentals.