PLI Hot Topics for In-House Counsel

Enjoyed participating this morning on the opening panel “Recent Developments in Legal Operations and AI” with Rose Battaglia, Nitin Batra and Darren Guy for PLI's Hot Topics for In-House Counsel, chaired by Brackett Denniston and Anne Madden. 

Our conversation ranged over a wide-range of topics including:

  • What we've learned about Ops from the pandemic
  • Cyber security
  • Reimagining the workplace
  • Choosing outside counsel
  • Priorities and efficiencies for Legal Ops

When presenting with outstanding colleagues, even though we have prepared in advance, I nevertheless always get new ideas and reevaluate my thinking on issues.

For me, in particular, I was reminded that beyond reviewing the information security strength of the subset of our legal service providers with sensitive information, that we need to consider our matter close process, with respect to work product collection and procedure for offloading data from outside parties.  In cases where we outsource we typically focus on timeliness, quality and cost efficiency of the deliverables.  For sensitive matters, data protection is now on that list.