In-House Outliers Podcast

Thank you, Alex Kelly of Brightflag for taking the time to speak with me!

As we discussed, everyone in legal ops has always been kind, forthcoming and helpful to me from the moment I decided to aim for a #legalops career Very thankful for the opportunity to give shout outs to some of those who helped me along the way including (but by no means comprehensive) Nancy Beaulieu, Theresa Granza, Paul Bellows, Joyce MoockMark MorrilMichael FricklasSusan HackettTodd SukoKevin ClemRobin SnasdellJoy SaphlaNancy Jessen, as well as to my current Ops Squad Jessica WilliamsSujarit (Tony Cherm) ChermsirivatanaWendy AlfanoRebecca Feliciano.

Always appreciate an opportunity to share what I've learned and hope this sparks community feedback that continues the conversation ! Alex and I covered: 

💪 How persistence helped me land my first role in legal ops

💥Different areas of focus over the course of my legal ops career

📦 Why I created Ops in a Box, Legal Edition and how it helps legal ops professionals.

💡My best advice for those who want to get started in the industry.

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