Holidays and Family

The holiday season is a time to focus on family, friends and home.

Unfortunately, the morning after Thanksgiving my mom fell at home and broke her hip. She has been living with dementia for several years.

My brother and I had made the trip home in April as an intervention, to present our parents with a variety of options for additional help. All were refused. We were frustrated.

However, no information is wasted and we were able to deploy quickly in a crisis situation as a result of that preparation and research. That said there has been a lot to learn and master: Court hearings; assisted living availability; occupational therapy, prescriptions and medical assessments; insurance, denials, and appeals.

Once again, legal operations provides excellent experience to draw upon:
  1. Navigating new areas of knowledge in which you are not a subject matter expert in communication with experts.
  2. Leveraging past experience working the phones to marshal help in a crisis.
  3. Writing on the wall appears so clear to you, but your audience is happy with the status quo and will not be persuaded. Sometime you have to stand at the ready to step in when welcomed. The delay is painful.
  4. As is often also familiar from legal operations, having to shift priorities to meet the situation is a constant. This is a classic example of when adaptability trumps efficiency.
Despite the stress and long hours of wrangling, there are moments of conversation to treasure, and the angst is far better than the alternative. This is part of life's journey and I'm thankful it comes to me when I have what I need to manage the situation.Also, I commend to you the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, of checklist fame. 

As a result of the situation, I’ve had to hit the pause button on production of Ops in the Box, Legal Edition - The Accelerator, my course in legal operations. We're scripted and in production with one module posted. Based on facts at hand, I expect the course will be ready in spring 2023.

In the meantime I wish you joy and comfort during the holidays and productive planning for the new year.

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