Happy Thanksgiving 2021

In this season of THANKSGIVING, I am GRATEFUL for many, many things. Here are a few -

  • Hearst, a company with a strong legacy of doing the right thing by its employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and standing strong by the First Amendment
  • My Hearst colleagues, and especially the Ops Squad, for your resilience, persistence and commitment
  • Legal ops colleagues for sharing your wisdom, experience, and passion.
  • Relativity and the ALA for recognizing and celebrating Ops in a Box, Legal Edition's alignment with their respective missions
  • An Outlaw Hero husband and 29 year-old companion parrot for being the best life partners one could ever hope to have
  • Friends for advice, caring, and humor that keeps me sane
  • My family for our shared values and close communication
  • For New Yorkers who endure and even thrive with empathy and panache in a tough town.

And, yes, there is a great deal of overlap with years' past.  I am also grateful for the stability in my life in difficult times. Wishing you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.