Cowen Cafe - Raising the Baseline for Legal Operations

The Cowen Cafe conversation this afternoon was AMAZINGLY helpful to me. A BIG THANK YOU to -

🙏 Becky Newnam of Onsemi (and OBL client) for joining me to discuss Ops in a Box, Legal Edition - A Magical Kit

🙏 David Cowen and Abby Rosenbloom for hosting us, and to the 

🙏 Full Cowen Cafe Cabal for your insights and ideas.

A few of my key take-aways are:

1. Many of the core tasks to #legalops apply to any service department within a company or law firm, from job description writing to creating any annual budget.

2. What it takes to be successful includes setting policies and processes to ensure consistent service delivery.

3. #Legaloperations often brings a pro-active approach to a sometimes (but not always) reactive department. That said never let a good crisis be wasted as an opportunity to precipitate change.

4. There is still plenty of room for more "think tanking" on how we can raise the baseline for legal operations. Its an all legal ecosystem hands-on-deck task.

Ops in a Box, Legal Edition - A Magical Kit addresses 6 functional areas and the approach to those areas is strongly grounded in a 7th - project management. That said, there are gaps. For example, discovery and records management are not addressed in the current kit. If this is your strength area please consider developing a small set of checklists and / or templates. Happy to partner with a subject matter expert on either of these topics. Feel free to DM me.

❤️ MY LEGAL OPS PEEPS - It's a great ecosystem to live in. As always, THANK YOU! 🙏

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