CLOC Global Institute 2022 - Inside the Hive Mind

#CGI2022 is in the books. I learned in scheduled sessions, impromptu gatherings and chance meetings, over coffee, cocktails and canapes in restaurants, session rooms, the exhibit hall, hallways, and patios. I discussed HEARST's partnership with Priori Scout, caught up with vendors I knew, and met founders and product leads at CLOC for the first time who introduced new products.  Best of all I saw many familiar faces in person for the first time in 2 years and met new colleagues with whom I will enjoy continuing conversations for many years to come.

I want to give a special thank you to the CLOC team, Bellagio and contractor staff who welcomed us warmly, kept us headed in the right direction, fueled with coffee, and handled our AV so expertly.  In particular on day 1 I had a lovely conversation with Julio Cesar, who led coffee service and conveyed several important ops lessons to me as I refilled my cup.

Julio let me know CLOC participants downed 300 gallons of coffee at the opening breakfast. He said the team pays close attention to rates of consumption, particularly in the 1st 45 min., and adjusts accordingly.  New coffee is brewed continuously so coffee is always fresh and never old or scalded.

Julio shared that for many years Wynn walked the hotel daily to reinforce the culture and standard and that every single person understands the standard of hospitality excellence expected. He noted their definition of team includes both the staff and their customers and that Wynn emphasized the importance of knowing your numbers and acting based on the info those numbers give you.

Julio knew off the top of his head that it is 20 cups of coffee per gallon and that we had 1500 headcount at breakfast. He knew how many honeys we were projected to use per hour and how our actuals compare to the projection. The team adjusted their inventory in pipeline accordingly.

Given the Bellagio team’s focus on knowing your numbers, adjusting service delivery in real time, communicating the standard and values, and defining team to include your stakeholders, there could be no more perfect partner for #CGI2022.

After immersing, conversing, conferring and mind melding 2,500+ of us are returning to our home base dispersing the knowledge and ideas we've sparked and shared.  I look forward to seeing all that we accomplish over this next year.