Buying Legal Council Awards 2022

Woo-hoo! Happy to share that Priori Scout and Hearst earned the Buying Legal Council Collaboration Award for 2022!  HEARST colleague Jessica Williams and I look forward to speaking more on this project at the upcoming PLI Legal Ops Conference (October 26th) in participation on panels regarding successful projects management and using data to tell stories.

In 2021, Priori approached Hearst with a concept of how its superior search and granular data-surfacing ability could help in-house teams access supercharged insights about their existing, trusted firm relationships. Hearst was first to sign up (soon joined by Zimmer Biomet, Marsh McLennan, and Orrick).  

A decision-enabling platform, Scout reduces friction in the procurement process by creating data-driven purpose-built search linked to your matter management system in a user-friendly interface. A two-sided ecosystem provides law department buyers with comprehensive transparency and the information to make sound decisions and enables law firms to showcase their expertise, experience and diversity to clients when clients are actively seeking that info.  In a panel yesterday, Wendy Butler Curtis, CIO at Orrick drew the apt analogy to a patient portal facilitating the relationship between doctor and patient

 On Scout, Hearst is empowered to make more informed outside counsel staffing decisions while saving an anticipated 325 hours annually.  We're excited to see how this tool continues to develop in the coming year.