ALA Certified Legal Manager Designation, Part 2

Last week I had the opportunity to join an information call on the ALA CLM exam hosted by Mimi DeMars, CLM, who brought together a talented group of ALA NYC CLM veterans - Janet Casiano, David Glicksman, Stacy Joyce, Stephanie Ransom, and Meredith Lonner - and prospectives.  I earned by CLM designation in 2011 and the continuing education requirement encourages me maintain my edge.

Currently there are 422 CLMs nationwide; 15 associated with the ALA NYC chapter.  The ALA CLM is the sole certification exam for the legal ops principal administrator role at both companies and firms. 

In a competitive market, the credential helps you to stand out to hiring managers.  More importantly, however, preparation for the CLM exam and maintaining standing conveys the attribute of being well-rounded and provides the ability to handle whatever you run into. All of that and you make great friends along the way and connect into a network of supportive, talented people. 

The exam requires a commitment to preparation, as well as 3 years experience,  and consists of 125 questions, 25 of which are pilot questions that do not count towards your score.  You have 4 hours to complete the exam, and it takes most the full time.  

The test is offered twice per year, and is now offered online.  The next exam date is November 16, 2021 (application deadline is September 16, 2021).  Additional registration information can be found on the ALA National CLM center.  ALA offers a valuable study guide to help you focus your preparation. 

Inspired by the study materials I received from the ALA NYC chapter, Ops in a Box, Legal Edition is a grab-and-go kit of materials that help you turn around a new task, converting a curve ball into a home run. 

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