ALA Legal Management Bookstore

I am both pleased and proud that the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) has elected to include Ops in a Box, Legal Edition among the titles in its Legal Management Bookstore, particularly during their 50th anniversary year.

Understanding the potential of the nascent shift to in-house counsel, the illustrious founders of ALA - Bradford Hildebrandt with co-founders Mary Ann Altman and Robert Weil - adopted an expanded mission “to provide support to professionals involved in the management of law firms, corporate legal departments and government legal agencies.” 

In creating Ops in a Box, Legal Edition, I harked back to my experience at the outset of my legal ops career in the ALA NYC chapter and the help received from many generous colleagues, but in terms of toolset most particularly Bronya Vygodskaya, Janet Fraka-Casiano and Mimi DeMars who let the Education Committee and guided my studies for the ALA Certified Legal Manager (CLM) exam. They provided a number of study aids, including a CD-ROM with study notes. The information was invaluable to me in preparing for the exam and in jump starting my career.  

Inspired by that experience, I pulled together over 30 key templates from my first ten years leading corporate legal operations teams in a kit on a flash drive, packaged with hard copies and magic, creating Ops in a Box, Legal Edition.  This magical kit is meant to provide a jump start legal operations professionals to launch their strategic plan, and especially for small departments or firms that need operations help aids but do not have the budget for a full-time operations professional.

I hope you will check out the ALA Legal Management Bookstore and explore the many helpful titles they carry.