ALA Celebrates 50 Years - Special Discount Offer

As 2021 moves towards its wrap, so will end the Association of Legal Administrators' 50th Anniversary Celebration and a special offer from Pure Magic Productions. 

Only three more weeks (closing December 31st) to purchase Ops in a Box, Legal Edition (OBL) using code ALA50 to support the ALA Foundation with a donation of $19.71 and share the love with a 5% discount for you!  Shop here.   

For more on the role of ALA in the Legal Operations ecosystem over the past 50 years see my prior blog post or my NEW chapter on the history of Legal Operations in Susan Lambreth and Connie Brenton's new book Running Legal Like a Business: The Fundamentals of Legal Operations for Law Departments out this month from PLI Press.

Are you new to #legalops or practicing #legaloperations as your side hustle while practicing law as a full-time attorney?  An overworked legal ops professional looking for some bandwidth to refresh existing tools in 2022? With 30 templates and over 195 pages of content, OBL is the first essential tool kit with grab & go solutions for a number of common tasks in strategic planning, finance, human resources, vendor and technology management, as well as project and change management.

 #Cheers50Years #ALAis50