1st Anniversary for Ops in a Box, Legal Edition

It was a year ago today…Ops in a Box, Legal Edition debuted. 

With 30 templates and over 195 pages of content, it is the first essential tool kit for Legal Ops Professionals seeking to launch their strategic plan, for seasoned operations teams seeking to fine tune existing tools and for small departments that need operations help aids but do not have the budget for a full-time operations professional.

The kit materials cover Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Human Resources, Vendor Management, Technology Management, Project and Change Management,  as well as Legal Operations History & Timeline, and a little magic thrown in. Materials range from standard process guides to templates and checklists.

With this core toolbox in hand, over-committed professionals can gain a little traction and breathing room to explore the full range of resources our ecosystem supports including robust professional associations, supportive legal service providers and innovative technology developer.

It’s wonderful to be here.  Thank you for your warm feedback and support over the past year.

View the full table of contents here. Visit our "What's Inside" video here.